Looking for a new lifestyle?

Have you ever wanted to own a Certified Organic orchard?

Well, now is your chance…

1660 Friendly People and 1 Grouch

This beautiful piece of farmland is now up for sale. The 13 acre parcel is located in the Inland Northwest‘s “peach belt” along the Columbia River, in Northeast Washington State. The farms location is ideal, as it is located in an agricultural area with other farms all around, but is only 3 miles outside of Kettle Falls, which is the nearest town.

Northeast Washington provides some of the cleanest air and water in the lower 48 states. The water is completely pure and unadulterated. To prove this, Kettle Falls publishes a report each year detailing the quality of the water, which has to date, never been treated.

Of the 13 acres that make up the parcel, 9 of them are in Orchard, which includes over 500 trees. Then, the main farm house and workshop/secondary living quarters occupy 1 acre, with the remaining 3 acres being wooded hillside.

The farm produces a plethora of different types of fruits and berries, including Peaches, Cherries, Apples, Apricots, Pears and Raspberries.The trees have always provided bountiful yields, and the local customer base during the 3 1/2 month season, provides enough of an income to completely maintain the Orchard. The income potential is entirely based upon how much you put into it, so there is room for expansion.

Apart from the business potential that this property poseses, the lifestyle that it provides is very rewarding and the benefits are numorous. These include a tranquil living and working environment, healthy living, a clear mind, a friendly community, self-reliance/sufficiency in many aspects of life, and much more.

The Orchard

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